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2023 Corner Conference Art Show Results


The 2023 Corner Conference Art Show was held at Fremont Mills High School this year. The participating schools included East Mills, Griswold, South Paige, Stanton, Essex, Sidney, Fremont-Mills, and Hamburg with a total of … entries. 

With many awards throughout the divisions, East Mills had one student win best of show ribbon 

Junior Lilley Crowder won for her 5 small acrylic paintings of trucks on a multi-photo frame named “Trucks”.


Ribbons winners from East Mills include-

Advanced high school category:

Halie Hayes: 1st place- cardboard sculpture- “Butterflies”, 2nd place- graphic design- “Trippie Hippies”.

Jaimee Davis: 1st place- acrylic painting- “Marilyn”, 1st- woodburn- “Flowers”, 2nd place- polymer sculpture- “Sunset”.

Jalee Sawtelle: 1st place- acrylic painting- “Juice World”, 2nd place- acrylic painting- “A Sip of Living Death”

Lilley Crowder: Best of Show- acrylic painting- “Trucks”, 1st place- graphic design- “Neon Orange”, 2nd place- graphic design- “Hot Pink”, 3rd place- graphic design- “Blue Neon”, HM- graphic design- “Neon Green”, 1st place- white charcoal- “Still Life”, 1st place- graphite “Honda 125”. 

Dillion Jurjavich: 2nd place- graphite- “Video Game Background”.

Leanna Clemmons: 3rd place- acrylic painting- “Plankton”.

Charlie Clemmons: HM- acrylic painting- “Rick and Morty”.

Kobe Viner: 1st place- string art- “P&G”, HM- acrylic painting- “International 350”

Alysia Montgomery: 2nd place- acrylic painting- “Purple Girl”

Nadia Gray: 2nd place- acrylic painting- “Bones”, 2nd place- acrylic on glass- “Greek God”.

Madison Lewis: 2nd place- woodburn- “Childhood”

Jackson Williams: 1st place- linocut printmaking- “Dirt Bike Helmet”

Lauren Pease: 2nd place- graphite- “Reaching Out”

Steven Barrett: 1st place- metal sculpture- “Metal Roses”, 1st place- graphic design- “unchained” 


Beginner high school category:


Venna Sayers- 1st place- mixed media sculpture- “Sugar Mask”, HM- watercolor/ink- “Plants” 

John Hayes- 3rd place- mixed media sculpture- “Samurai”

Taylor Deputy- HM- watercolor/ink- “LightHouse Sunset”

Bee Anderson- HM- mixed media mask making- “Aladdin Sane”, HM- watercolor/ink- “Black Star”.

Walter Seipold- 1st place- string art- “Negative Bass Clef”, 2nd place- graphite- “Sunday Morning”, 1st place- charcoal- “Assorted Objects”.

Becca Mayhew- HM- Linocut printmaking “Pattern Print”

Josh Currin- 3rd- watercolor/ ink- “What’s on Your Mind”

Paige Noble- 3rd place- watercolor/ink- “Wyvern”

Kate Ripperger- 1st place- graphite- “Big City”, 3rd place- watercolor/ink- “Oranges”, 3rd place- charcoal- “Still Life”

Rileigh Campbell- 3rd place- watercolor/ink- “Manifest”

Stevelyn Martin- 1st place- watercolor/ink- “Lonely Boat in Big Ocean”

Hailey Studey- 3rd place- watercolor/ink- “Tree Frog”

Hayden Custard- HM- watercolor/ink- “Peaceful Lilies”

Taylor Gravett- 2nd place- charcoal- “Still Life”

Ava Riibe- HM- charcoal- “Still Life”

Grace Day- HM- graphite- “Apartment”

Clara Watts- HM- string- “Rainbow”, HM- cardboard acrylic- “Mountains”

Noah Hindman- 2nd place- string- “Leap Frog”, 2nd place- cardboard sculpture- “Ocean”

Aaryn Barrale-Decker- 3rd place- string- “Furry Bowl”, 3rd place- cardboard sculpture- “Pancake Disaster”


Middle school category:

Ellie Hagen- 1st place- toothpick sculpture- “Watermelon”

Isabella Blanton- 2nd place- toothpick sculpture- “Unicorn Horn”, 3rd place- scratch art- “Tiki Mask”

Trinity Williams- 2nd place- colored pencil- “Blue Pigs”

Adalyn Goodman- 1st place- colored pencil- “Cow Print”, 1st place- paper sculpture- “Flower Illusion”

Ava Grindle- 1st place- scratch art- “Tiki Mask”

Jessica Edison- HM- scratch art- “Gorilla”

Leighton Fulton- 3rd place- paper sculpture- Inspiring Fire”

Mark Wells- HM- paper sculpture- “Radial Paper Sculpture”

Maddy King- 2nd place- paper sculpture- “Bouquet of Tulips”

Jacey Vandenberg- 2nd place- watercolor- “Blazer”

Caitlyn Crouse- HM- watercolor- “Air Max”

Mira Hoover- 3rd place- watercolor- “Shoe”

Alexis Jones- 1st place- watercolor- “Shoes”


Total of  108 entries

Total of  70 awards