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Corner Conference Art Show Results

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The 2019 Corner Conference Art Show was held at Essex High School this year. The participating schools included East Mills, Griswold, South Paige, Stanton, Essex, Sidney, Fremont Mills, and Hamburg with over 1,000 total entries.

With many awards throughout the divisions, East Mills had two students win best of show ribbons for their work. A Sophomore Jacob Vaughan for his wax batik “Tiger” and an 8th grader Jalee Sawtelle for her pencil drawing “Nicki Minaj”.


Ribbons winners from East Mills include-

In the advanced high school category:

Taylor Burchett- 3 first place, 1 second place

Tanner Johnson- 1 first place

Sydnie Koester- 1 honorable mention

Lena Opal- 1 first place

Mackynzie Shere- 1 honorable mention


Beginner High school category:

Ebonee Drake- 1 first place, 1 honorable mention

Gwen Bacon- 1 honorable mention

Taryn Mount- 1 first place

Chole Kohl- 1 first place, 1 third place

Serenity Torkelson- 1 honorable mention

Cheyenne Schmit- 2 first place, 1 second place, Paul Clapper Award

Bradley Hall- 1 third place

Nolan Smiley- 1 honorable mention

Jacob Vaughan- 2 first place, 1 3rd place, 1 Best of Show

Abbey Wingfield- 1 third place

Rachel Drake- 1 first place

Kailey Hall- 1 second place

Levi Anderson- 1 third place

Rosa Anaya- 1 third place

Emma WIlliams- 1 first place

Riley Blackman- 1 first place, 1 third place

Madi Marburger- 1 second place

Behlan Hartman- 1 honorable mention

Christina Hinger-Eicke- 1 honorable mention

Mason Hagen- 1 second place

Judd Hartman- 1 honorable mention

Clara Watts- 1 third place

Noah HIndman- 1 first place


Middle School category:

December McGrew- 2 first place

Aspen Crouse- 1 second place

Jack Sayers- 1 second place

Derek Bothwell- 1 third place

Malory Lang- 1 first place

Alysia Montgomery- 1 third place

Charlie CLemmons- 1 honorable mention

Ellie Foss- 1 honorable mention

Lilley Crowder- 1 third place

Cassidy Molnar- 1 second place

Jackson Williams- 1 second place

Haliegh Ware- 1 first place

Ryleigh Brodigan- 1 third place

Haiden Olrich- 1 third place

Jalee Sawtelle- 3 first place, 1 Best of Show